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Blair Cornwel-Smith and Julie Wix. Photo by: Hannah Jenkins

Blair Cornwel-Smith and Julie Wix. Photo by: Hannah Jenkins

In summary: 
  • My Career@UTS: Mind Your Career is a professional development expo for UTS staff being held on Wednesday 12 October
  • The expo will include sessions on resume writing, creating a professional LinkedIn profile, having effective career conversations with your manager and Using Neuroscience and Martial Arts to Overcome Overwhelm – a talk by General Manager of The Institute for Human Potential Paul Mracek

“It's an opportunity for UTS staff, both professional and academic, to come along and get some food for thought around your career no matter what stage you’re at or where you are in your career trajectory –  you could be happy with what you're doing or you could be wanting to be the next Attila!”

That, says Talent Specialist in the Human Resources Unit (HRU) Blair Cornwel-Smith, is the aim of My Career@UTS. The second expo for the year, My Career@UTS: Mind Your Career, will take place on Wednesday 12 October. It is being project managed by Cornwel-Smith. 

The first expo for 2016, held last April (and project managed by fellow Talent Specialist Julie Wix) saw a number of sell-out sessions, like resume writing tips and how to create a professional LinkedIn profile. Many of these will be included in the October event, but, says Cornwel-Smith, “The difference with this one is that we’ve tried to theme it with Mental Health Month.

“So it will be tailored more to wellbeing and looking after yourself through your career. Our Health and Wellbeing Partner Anna Dawson has been working with a team in the Equity and Diversity Unit to tie the expo into their month-long calendar of events."

One of the most-anticipated sessions at Mind Your Career is Using Neuroscience and Martial Arts to Overcome Overwhelm. This talk, run by General Manager of The Institute for Human Potential Paul Mracek “Is about creating better mental clarity, improving your resilience and adaptability, and just becoming a bit calmer,” says Cornwel-Smith.

Other must-see events include Social Media and Academia, and Effective Career Conversations with Your Manager.

The latter, explains Cornwel-Smith, is based on HRU’s own career toolkits (available on StaffConnect). The session is aimed at helping staff prepare for those tough conversations at work like promotion, secondment and further study. 

“I think people sort of get a bit confused when they define career development because it doesn't necessarily mean continual promotion and continual pay rises,” says Cornwel-Smith. “It's lots of different things, even just attending a workshop is career development and small changes can have a huge impact on you in your career.”

To make sure as many staff as possible can attend Mind Your Career, Cornwel-Smith has increased the capacity for the workshops and made registration easier. As an extra sweetener, says Wix, “we have a proper coffee cart coming again, with proper coffee, which is free for all attendees” and a professional photographer to take profile photos for use on LinkedIn, social media and StaffConnect. 

While the October expo is the third My Career@UTS event, it won’t be the last. The expo, together with HRU’s Managing for Performance program and their People and Career Development Framework, is one of the reasons why Career Development Opportunities has increased 14 per cent since the 2012 biennial Staff Survey. 

“We just got into the yellow in the Staff Survey,” says Wix. “It was red before, we're now into yellow, which is great, but we're aiming for green.”

For more information about MyCareer@UTS: Mind Your Career, or to view the presentations from the April 2016 expo, visit uts.ac/1YzxIJP

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