The Janna Chronicles: Day of Judgment

Felicity Pulman

Felicity Pulman

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  • The Janna Chronicles: Day of Judgment
  • By: Felicity Pulman
  • Publisher: Momentum Books

I can’t count the number of times I wished, as a child, that I would wake up and discover I was a long-lost princess. Well, it turns out that Janna was the lucky one. 

By the time we get to the sixth, and last, book in The Janna Chronicles, the teenager has survived her mother’s suspicious death, watched her home burn to the ground and discovered she is the granddaughter of a King (just to be clear, as a child I didn’t wish for the preceding events in Janna’s life). In this book, we follow Janna as she solves mystery after mystery like a medieval Nancy Drew. This series, originally written for young adults has been rebranded for an adult audience. It’s not hard to see why. Day of Judgement is set during the power struggle between Empress Matilda and King Stephen in the 12th century. In this book, Pulman weaves historical truth with fiction, most notably Empress Matilda's escape from a castle under siege. For royalists and republicans alike, the intrigue and savvy protagonist is enough to keep you reading to the end. But, if you're like me and still searching for your royal heritage, this book might just give you the push to keep digging.

Day of Judgment is Felicity Pulman’s thirteenth book and the sixth in her medieval crime series The Janna Chronicles. Pulman graduated from UTS in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Creative Writing).


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