Tough act to follow

Leonie Bringolf. Photo by Shane Lo.

Leonie Bringolf. Photo by Shane Lo.

In summary: 
  • Leonie Bringolf is the Executive Assistant (EA) to the Dean of the UTS Business School and one of the EAs behind the establishment of UTS’s Executive Assistants and Administration Forum
  • Bringolf is also the Vice-President of Radio Active Live – a group of eight actors who perform radio plays live for an audience, “the way they used to be”

An Executive Assistant (EA) by day and actress by night, Leonie Bringolf is a master of many trades.

“I have a family who cringe at the thought of going near the stage, but I just knew from an early age that I wanted to act,” enthuses Bringolf. “You get to be a whole variety of different people; it’s just so much fun.”

Bringolf is the Vice-President of Radio Active Live – a group of eight actors who produce live radio shows at The Hills Lodge, Castle Hill. The cast, who have been performing together for four years, include Bringolf and Logie winner, and ex-Sons and Daughters star, Steve Comey.

"We perform radio plays live for an audience the way they used to be – actors standing at the mic, with a script in hand and sound clips at the ready. It’s a lot of fun; for us and the audience!"

Later this month, Bringolf is also set to expand her skills, performing four monologues in Jane Martin’s play Vital Signs.

“It’s a compelling and funny suite of theatrical miniatures featuring seven women and one man,” explains Bringolf. “Together we perform a collage about contemporary life and all its warmth and majesty, fear and frustration, joy and sadness."

You could say acting is ‘all in a day’s work’ for Bringolf, but that wouldn’t quite be correct.

From nine to five, Monday to Friday, Bringolf manages the busy schedule of the Dean of Business. It’s no easy task, but three years into the role and she already has a number of accomplishments to her name.

One of the most notable is the establishment of UTS’s Executive Assistants and Administration Forum – or EAAA for short.

The initiative, led by Diane Hewson and supported by Michelle Coleman, Sue Harris, Samantha Sandford, Fatima Villavert and Bringolf, has been live on Staff Connect since November last year. 

“As an EA you spend a lot of the time working independently,” explains Bringolf.

“Last year, I mentioned to Diane Hewson, the Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, that there was a gap that could be filled – some kind of network for executive assistants where they can work collaboratively and find out relevant information.

“Diane told me they had been considering doing exactly that, but it was just about finding time to get the idea off the ground.”

And find the time they did. According to Bringolf, there are already 65 members who have access to the Staff Connect team site and are invited to attend workshops and social gatherings. So far the EAAA have held two events, with a third – a career-building workshop called Taking Control of Your Career – to be held on 17 May.

“People are putting up tips, and sharing contacts and resources,” says Bringolf. “It’s just great to see.

“We’re all like-minded people, we all need to have the same kind of information and we need to get it fairly quickly with as much support and help along the way as possible. The EAAA makes it just that little bit easier to do so.”

To find out more about EAAA, Radio Active Live and Vital Signs, email