A Practical Introduction to In-Depth Interviewing

Alan Morris

Alan Morris

In summary: 
  • A Practical Introduction to In-Depth Interviewing
  • By: Alan Morris 
  • Publisher: SAGE 

Interviews pervade our culture. On TV, in newspapers and magazines, online and offline, live and pre-recorded, people are interviewing or being interviewed. With its power to capture the stories and voices of the individual, it is hardly surprising the interview has become a perennial feature of social science research. Though familiar, recognisable, and even commonplace, ‘doing’ interview research for the first time is both difficult and daunting. 

A Practical Introduction to In-Depth Interviewing offers a concise, nuts-and-bolts, start-to-finish guide for those going into the field for the first time. Each of the eight chapters tackles a different facet of the interview study, be it ethics, selecting interviewees or dealing with the unexpected. Immensely readable and highly accessible, Morris introduces difficult concepts clearly and illustrates each point with real-life examples and helpful activities. Though this book could easily be read from cover to cover, each chapter is self-contained, allowing you to dip into specific topics when needed or (for teachers) to use as part of a class. This clear and authoritative guide is a must-read for any student or researcher embarking on interview research and wanting practice-based guidance.

Professor Alan Morris is a leading urban sociologist and a Professor at UTS’s Institute for Public Policy and Governance.