Think: Sustainability

Catherine Zengerer, Jake Morcom and Ellen Leabeater. Photo by Steve Ahern

Catherine Zengerer, Jake Morcom and Ellen Leabeater. Photo by Steve Ahern

In summary: 
  • On Sunday 6 March, 2SER 107.3FM has just launched its new program, Think: Sustainability, which aims to translate UTS’s rich sustainability research into informing and entertaining programming
  • The show airs at 9.30am, is repeated on Wednesdays at 6.30pm and available as a podcast or on and iTunes

“We've all heard the horror stories; now is the time to find some practical solutions.”

That, says Ellen Leabeater, is the mission behind 2SER 107.3FM’s newest radio program, Think: Sustainability.

The show, which first aired at 9.30am on Sunday 6 March, is being produced and hosted by Leabeater and Jake Morcom.

Think: Sustainability is a partnership between 2SER 107.3 FM and UTS. It draws stories from research across all faculties as well as the university’s corporate sustainability initiatives. 

“We were very keen to do a sustainability program,” explains Leabeater, “because everyone is standing up and taking notice about how the world needs to change in order to be more sustainable.”

Morcom says: “A lot of people think of the environment first-off when they hear the word ‘sustainability’, but it's more than that. And because it goes across all faculties, the story ideas are endless.”

Supervising Producer Catherine Zengerer agrees. “We were actually blown away by the number of stories around this issue. When we sat down with the team at UTS and they started showing us the ideas that were off the top of their head, the list was just amazing.

Think: Sustainability is about tapping into the rich vein of research at UTS and being able to bring that to the public in a way that's informing and entertaining.”

The program, says 2SER 107.3FM’s Acting Managing Director Steve Ahern, “has been an evolution of 2SER's commitment to educational programming and its partnership with UTS. Think: Health was a really successful model last year and so this is the next evolution of that.

“Our slogan is 'stories, ideas, music', so getting people to think is a big mission for a community radio station with an educational target audience. Think: Sustainability fulfils our mission perfectly and it aligns with one of the university’s key priorities too.

“It also offers the audience a deeper, more thoughtful experience than most formats across the radio dial in Sydney these days.”

To do that, each show will feature three stories about UTS’s latest sustainability research and “from time to time we will do in-depth specials where we will focus one whole program on one particular area,” says Leabeater.

It’s not the first time the UTS journalism/law student has teamed up with Morcom (himself a recent graduate from Macquarie University). Regular listeners will recognise both from Think: Health as well as Morcom’s work on The Chat and The Wire.

For the duo, 2SER offers an unbeatable opportunity. “I love coming into work every day,” enthuses Leabeater.

“I've been here since the end of 2012 and I think I will be forever indebted to 2SER.

“You can get feedback from you lecturer, but when someone emails or calls or tweets and says, ‘I really enjoyed that story’. That is an unbeatable feeling!”

Ahern agrees. “In any course you get the theoretical overview and practically focussed assignments, but there’s nothing better than making regular programs – being on-air, regularly broadcasting, to make you very fit and work ready.”

And with the station having offices located at both the UTS and Macquarie campuses, it’s a readily available interning opportunity for all students. “We’re always looking for new students to volunteer, so if you’re interested in sustainability, come and help us make this program.”

Think: Sustainability airs at 9.30am Sunday on 2SER 107.3FM. The show is repeated at 6.30pm the following Wednesday and is also available on and iTunes. Podcasts can be downloaded at