Research with impact: postdoctoral research fellowships announced

Dr Arian Wallach, picture supplied

Dr Arian Wallach, picture supplied

In summary: 
  • After a global recruitment process, 15 researchers have been appointed to UTS Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in diverse fields including science, engineering and IT, design, health, law and business
  • Among them is Dr Arian Wallach who is investigating how large apex predators help biodiversity flourish in Australia

Research into apex predators, 3D printing, quantum entanglement and forensic intelligence are some of the latest research projects being explored by UTS's newest Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

After a global recruitment process, a total of 15 researchers have been appointed to start early next year, across diverse fields including science, engineering and IT, design, health, law and business.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Glenn Wightwick welcomed this round's appointees.

"The Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program is an annual recruitment initiative to attract the best national and international researchers to our university. Each year, candidates are required to demonstrate lasting and wide-ranging impact in their respective fields as they address our rigorous selection criteria.

"I am pleased to say that our latest 2016 appointees are no different. Each of the 15 successful early career researchers is undertaking research that is making a real difference in this world.

"No doubt their appointments to UTS will enable them to continue their strong contributions to society, industry and the community."

Dr Arian Wallach is a 2016 recipient who joins the Centre for Compassionate Conservation in the Faculty of Science. Her research is focused on how large apex predators help biodiversity flourish in Australia.

Wallach says, "Lethal control of non-native wildlife is one of the most common activities used in the conservation of biodiversity, an approach that bears high costs and risks, lacks efficacy and causes significant animal welfare harms.

"The focus of my research is to investigate more compassionate alternatives that provide better outcomes both for threatened wildlife and the welfare of introduced species – specifically, by enabling apex predators (such as dingoes) to limit population irruptions of non-native species."

Dr Timothy Foster (second right) with villagers from Busambulo, eastern Uganda. Picture supplied Dr Timothy Foster (second right) with villagers from Busambulo, eastern Uganda. Picture supplied

Another recipient is Dr Timothy Foster, a researcher advising on policies shaping rural water sustainability in developing countries, who joins the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

Foster says, "The specific focus of my work at UTS will be to examine success factors and water security implications of entrepreneurial approaches to rural water service provision in Asia and Africa. 

"I hope to provide the evidence base for policy-makers and practitioners to facilitate more effective market-based approaches that can accelerate progress towards the goal of safe water for all."

The Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme provides young researchers with the opportunity to work with senior and established UTS researchers. As part of their Fellowship, there is a strong focus on international research experience, considered by the University as crucial towards building an early career researchers' international research reputation.

The 2016 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellows are:

Dr Vaishak Belle (FEIT) – Cognitive robotics in social environments. Supervisor Professor Mary-Anne Williams

Dr David Chapman (Science) - The effect of e-cigarettes on respiratory disease in vulnerable populations. Supervisor Dr Brian Oliver

Dr Kate Purcell (Law) - The territorial state in international law: an oceanic history. Supervisor Dr Ana Vrdoljak

Dr Caleb Ferguson (GSH) - Patient centred approaches to the management of atrial fibrillation. Supervisor Associate Professor Beata Bajorek

Dr Timothy Foster (ISF) - Rural water entrepreneurs in developing countries: Prevalence, Predictors & Prospects. Supervisor Associate Professor Juliet Willetts

Dr Bettina Klose (Business) - Advancement of contest theory and design for applications in policy. Supervisor Professor Jacob Goeree

Dr Romy Lauche (Health) - Examining complementary medicine informal healthcare use for depression and anxiety in older adults. Supervisor Professor Jon Adams

Mr Yiwen Liu (FEIT) - A breakthrough nitrogen removal based archaeal ammonia oxidation process for wastewater treatment. Supervisor Professor Huu Hao Ngo

Dr Marie Morelato (Science) - The use of forensic case data in an intelligence perspective. Supervisor Professor Claude Roux

Dr Alison Pearce (Business) - The true costs of cancer – health economics to optimise healthcare funding decisions. Supervisor Professor Rosalie Viney

Dr Amanda Porter (JHL) – Decolonising policing: histories of policing and police reform in Australia. Supervisor Professor Larissa Behrendt

Dr Jean-Baptiste Raina (Science) - Unlocking the role of marine microbes in the global carbon cycle. Supervisor Associate Professor Justin Seymour

Dr Jesse Stein (DAB) - 3D printing & Australian manufacturing: designing workplace futures. Supervisor Professor Peter McNeil

Dr Arian Wallach (Science) - Do apex predators enable native–non-native coexistence? Supervisor Dr Daniel Ramp

Dr Nengkun Yu (FEIT) - Classification of quantum entanglement beyond partial transpose operation. Supervisor Professor Mingsheng Ying