Ransacking Paris

Patti Miller. Image supplied

Patti Miller. Image supplied

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  • Ransacking Paris
  • By: Patti Miller
  • Publisher: University of Queensland Press

Ransacking Paris is more than just a travelogue. Patti Miller, who spent a year living in Paris with her husband, takes the reader on a fascinating ramble through the city, weaving in memoir and writing of imagined encounters with great French minds such as Montaigne, Rousseau and de Beauvoir.

Ransacking ParisMiller almost becomes a local during her time in Paris. She joins a choir, takes language classes, advertises for French conversation partners and makes new friends. She also experiences illness and loneliness and writes movingly as she reflects on her multiple roles as writer, wife and mother. Through her observant eye, the reader stumbles across the hidden secrets and delights of Paris including the Rucher École, a beekeeping school in the Luxembourg Gardens which is reputed to collect the best honey in all of France. Ransacking Paris is a gentle ode to life, literature and philosophy, capturing all the grace, elegance, multiculturalism and history of the French capital. There are plenty of books about Paris but this stands out from the crowd and will appeal to any visitor who wants to take a lesser-worn path.

Ransacking Paris is Patti Miller’s seventh book and fourth memoir. Miller graduated from UTS in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and in 1994 with a Master of Arts in Writing.