The Life Cycles Revolution

Neil Killion. Image supplied

Neil Killion. Image supplied

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  • The Life Cycles Revolution
  • By: Neil Killion
  • Publisher: Web-e-books

For many of us, the idea of knowing with any certainty what lies ahead seems far-fetched. However, imagine you could predict and understand the course of your future by following a simple pattern of 12-year cycles throughout your life.

The Life Cycles RevolutionIn his award-winning book The Life Cycles Revolution, Neil Killion asks readers to open their minds, suggesting our lives are neither as complicated nor as hard to chart as we believe them to be. Killion theorises that our lives are made up of significant years, acting as markers of “revolution” and “broken pathways”. Using this progressive pattern, Killion examines the lives of notable figures such as J.K. Rowling, Henry VIII, Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein, to demonstrate his theory, using events such as the establishment of the Church of England and the conception of Harry Potter as evidence. At times a little esoteric, the book certainly leaves the reader wondering how much of Killion’s theory might be pure coincidence, and how much of it has a basis in scientific truth. As a whole, the book is a fascinating read that challenges the reader to think about their past, and the roles that fate and science have to play in our lives.

Neil Killion is a former psychologist and management consultant who completed his Graduate Diploma in Employee Relations at UTS in 1983. The Life Cycles Revolution was a silver medal winner in the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Awards.

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