Only Connect

Sharon Rundle. Image supplied.

Sharon Rundle. Image supplied.

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  • Only Connect
  • Edited by Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle
  • Publisher: Brass Monkey Books

Cover image of Only Connect.Only Connect is a compilation of short stories about “technology and us from Australia and the Indian Subcontinent”.

The stories are about people’s relationship with technology, more specifically how we go about our daily lives – working, meeting people, falling in love – and the influence technology and the internet have on these interactions, and even our language. Most of the stories have been written in the past decade or so, and will therefore be relatable for most readers. Still, not every reader will connect with every story – but that’s the beauty of short stories. You might find yourself reading – even enjoying – something you usually wouldn’t. And they’re not all written for the ‘younger’ generation either. A particular favourite tells of an isolated woman who can’t comprehend, and even despises, her 30-something-year-old son’s computer addiction. But in his absence, she finds a confidant in the computer, sharing her thoughts with it like she does with her beloved Sumeet spice grinder. Through sometimes quirky, often lovable and, on a couple of occasions, downright creepy characters, the stories in Only Connect portray how our lives are interconnecting within and across cities and continents, however unsettled it may sometimes make us feel.

Sharon Rundle is a PhD student and casual academic at UTS. Her research examines local cultural production of contemporary fiction by South Asian-Australian writers in Australia. She is a graduate of the UTS Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and the Chair of the UTS Alumni Writers’ Network.

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