Data analysis for physical scientists: Featuring excel

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  • Data Analysis for Physical Scientists: Featuring Excel
  • By: Les Kirkup
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

book cover of Data analysis for physical scientists: Featuring excelData analysis for physical scientists: Featuring excel

Data Analysis for Physical Scientists: Featuring Excel is a prime example of Les Kirkup’s passion for promoting the essential skills required by science students in order to carry on and succeed in the world of research. Not only does Kirkup clarify the application of statistics in the physical sciences in this second-edition book, he also provides a simple method of learning how to apply the associated mathematics with the help of Microsoft Excel 2010 so researchers can validate their models through critical analysis and comparison. From fundamentals of measurement, errors and uncertainties following international guidelines, through to an in-depth consideration of linear regression, and finally non-linear least squares analysis, Kirkup forms a comprehensive understanding utilising detailed examples and step by step exercises from the real physical world; building confidence in the reader to independently collate their own data. Whilst covering a broad overview of topics in detail, the structure of this book allows the user to easily proceed to the chapters of the book most relevant to them. It is, however, written in such an engaging manner that you may frequently find yourself motivated to explore other related sections. In this sense, it can be considered a requisite for undergraduate students wishing to explore data analysis and a must-have text for junior researchers. 

Les Kirkup is an Associate Professor in the School of Physics and Advanced Materials. Having written five books for undergraduates, his contributions to teaching and learning were recognised nationally in 2011 with the award of an ALTC National Teaching Fellowship.

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