UTS Writers' Anthology: The life you chose and that chose you

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UTS Writers' Anthology: The life you chose and that chose you
By: UTS writers
Publisher: Figment Publishing

I always look forward to the release of the UTS Writers’ Anthology, and this year’s collection doesn’t disappoint. Artfully penned, the stories and poems (and we see more of the stanza this year) breathe life into the ordinary, transforming it into something significant. As the authors unfold their stories, we glimpse the lives of others. It’s hard to name standouts, but Mark Rossiter’s ‘Firing squad’ is a metaphor for our bigger problems, while Sharon Kent’s ‘Jumping for chicken’ is personal and wonderfully Australian in flavour. ‘Umlaut’ by Rebecca Lean speaks of expectations and disappointments, and Jason Childs’ ‘Lesson in loving absolutely’ is brave and bold in style and subject. Life’s mundane and intimate moments provide inspiration for strong-hitters like ‘Routine’ by Jacqui Wise and ‘Middle brother’ by Susanna Freymark. There’s an apparent attention to detail in the way the stories are ordered – journeying through the pages is lyrical as the last piece provides a passage to the next. Reading this book from cover to cover is probably not what the editors intended, but it does provide a surprising rhythm. But dip in and out and give yourself time to reflect and appreciate the craft – this is seriously good writing.


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