Forum looks at the place of Chinese Australians in political life

The experience of the Chinese community in Australian politics is the subject of a first-ever joint community and university forum being held on Wednesday 8 September at UTS.

Drawing speakers from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the forum will discuss community organisation, leadership, racism, research issues and the role and impact of Chinese organisations on Australian political life.

UTS Professor of Sociology and co-organiser, Professor Andrew Jakubowicz, said the forum was a "break-though meeting" bringing together community leaders, historians, sociologists, political scientists and economists.

"Speakers will cover local government, political parties, commercial activities, the engagement with the Australian government, and many more topics," Professor Jakubowicz said.

"With so many issues of interest, from the changing control of Bennelong in the Federal election, to the experience of students and the Olympic torch relay in 2008, we expect this to be a lively and productive meeting.

"It will help set the future for studies of the Chinese in the wider community, part of the new Australia," he said.

The event has been organised by the UTS Cosmopolitan Civil Societies and China Research Centres. Some sessions will be chaired by the recently-appointed Director of the China Research Centre, Professor Maurizio Marinelli.

More information, including abstracts, is available on the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre website


Chinese in Australian Politics Research Colloquium


Wednesday 8 September


9am – 5pm


UTS City campus. Registrants will be informed of the location for the event.


Attendance is free but registration is required as numbers are limited by the venue. E-mail