Trunk, Volume One: Hair, Edited by:Suzanne Boccalatte and Meredith Jones, Publisher: Boccalatte Pty Ltd

The Trunk series explores the way the human body bisects the world of art and writing. Volume One: Hair, begins at the top with one of the most contested and contradictory body parts – simultaneously a symbol of attraction and revulsion. From the whimsical foreword by comic Lenny Henry to Arlene TextaQueen’s exuberant imagery, Hair straddles taboos, cultures and creatures. Lee Houck writes about the yearnings of an internet dating addict afflicted with hypertrichosis – excessive hairiness. Transguy Lucas Cassidy Crawford waxes lyrical in ‘Drinking Tea in LA’, while Catherine Heard contributes disturbing imagery of a doll fashioned from human hair and a christening gown. In a stand-out piece, Indigenous curator, Djon Mundine OAM, suggests hair is a bridge between people. And what book on hair would be complete without a cameo from nineteenth-century bearded lady, Annie Jones? Deceptively pretty and subtly addictive, Hair bodes well for the Trunk volumes yet to come.

Jenny Breukelaar
Graduate Diploma in Writing

Dr Meredith Jones is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning. Her research is based around theories of culture and technology, popular media studies, and feminist theories of the body. Suzanne Boccalatte heads a team of four designers in Surry Hills, Sydney. Most of their clients are major cultural institutions, arts organisations and government agencies.