Know a man by his shoes

Kathryn Eisman

Final-year Communications student Kathryn Eisman has put her heart and arguably her sole into a book entitled How to tell a man by his shoes.

Kathryn has written a guide to understanding men by analysing the signals they send out with their shoes.

"Finding Mr Right is becoming increasingly difficult," Kathryn writes in her introduction. "While women have their tastes, style and personalities on show for all the world to see in the clothes they wear, men have been protected by the cloak and mask of unified dress regulations such as the suit and tie.

"As a result it has become almost impossible to detect any telltale signs about a man's character, until it is too late.

"A man's shoes remain one of the few items of apparel in which he has any freedom of expression. His sole is a window into his soul."

Kathryn believes that shoes reveal the personality of the wearer and signify why he is different from the rest of mankind.

"This book will be your guide to understanding men from the ground up," she promises. "With practice you will learn to instantly identify your Mr Right. You will also gain an insight into the type of man your are dealing with in any situation, be he father, sibling, lover, colleague or boss."

Kathryn's categories include thongs, brogues, designer runners, Jesus sandals, Gucci shoes and Italian canvas sandshoes. The Thong Man, for example, can be found at your local pub surrounded by his fellow thonged friends. According to Kathryn, his crude faÁade hides a gentle, wounded soul.

The snakeskin cowboy boot man, on the other hand, is just "a bit of fun under all that skin" and needs a girl who's confident enough to hear his corny lines and silly enough to blush.

Kathryn's style is saucy, sassy and undoubtedly successful. In describing the Church's man, for example, she states "If quality were a religion, the Church's man would be devout". While applauding the elegance he weaves into every activity, she cautions her reader "Be careful, this man enjoys the flesh of the olive then spits out the pip".

Kathryn, who is already crafting her second book, has lived and worked in Australia and abroad. In New York she was editorial producer for Fox News, part of the News Corporation.

A successful model, she works for an impressive list of clients including Ken Done, Berlei, Formfit and David Jones.