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  • Lab scene with Olga Shimoni and Dayong Jin

    Research hub thinks big on nanotech diagnostics

    14 Nov 2017

    Portable, easy-to-use devices capable of detecting disease or testing for drugs are the focus of a multimillion-dollar ARC research hub between UTS, the University of South Australia and industry partners.

  • Sunshine brings higher auction prices

    10 Nov 2017

    Sunny days predict higher house prices at auctions, but rain and long weekends bring buyers a discount, according to new research led by the University of Technology Sydney.

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    What really makes a movie a success?

    7 Nov 2017

    At more than $20 for a Saturday night movie ticket moviegoers don’t want to pick a dud. Now, new research on movie marketing reveals how to pick a winner – both for customers and movie makers.