Teens and Screens: How much is too much and how to keep the balance

Picture supplied

Picture supplied

7 September 2016
6:30 PM

UTS Health Psychology Unit

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Computer and internet gaming, and social media engagement, are overtaking many of our children's lives, impacting on their sleep and relationships, their academic experiences, and even their health and well being. Terms like 'internet addiction' and 'video game addiction' have now entered common parlance.

This presentation, delivered by one of Australia's best-known and leading experts in this area, is designed to help parents and their children understand why screens, games, and social media are so compelling and how their children can enjoy them in healthy, balanced ways so that the other parts of their lives can be as successful as their advancement through the levels of their favourite game.

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Any questions please call the Health Psychology Unit, UTS on 9514 4077 or email health.psychology@uts.edu.au

7 Sep 2016
Health and Science