UTSpeaks: Shapeshifters - Doing Social Good

Are we ignoring opportunities to drive innovation for the good of people as well as profit?
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18 May 2016
6:00 PM

The Great Hall

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In a world where economic outcomes from innovation are the focus of industry, media and politics, have we lost sight of the important role innovation plays in driving social good?

This lecture and forum features speakers using radical methodologies to address diverse, complex problems, while also reaping valuable social benefits. You’ll hear about smart strategies for conservation and novel programs to educate high-security prisoners.  You’ll discover why large-scale collaboration is the key to delivering social impact innovation and how a new breed of social entrepreneur is being nurtured to harness new opportunities.

Forum Moderator - Verity Firth
Executive Director for Social Justice, UTS Equity and Diversity Unit, Former NSW Minister for Education and Training and Minister for Women

Rodger Watson, Deputy Director, Designing out Crime Research Centre
With expertise in psychology and criminology, Roger Watson conducts research problem-solving in the public service.  He has overseen Designing out Crime projects and programs in collaboration with a range of local and international partners to solve problems with new product design, policy development and educational programs. Rodger's work with the Design Innovation research centre has spanned the realms of crime, financial sustainability in local government, government support of the mentally ill. Before joining UTS Rodger was a Senior Policy & Projects Officer with the NSW Department of Justice.

Dr Melissa Edwards, UTS Business School
Melissa Edwards teaches and conducts research in sustainability, management, complexity and social impact in the UTS Business School. Her transdisciplinary work focuses on understanding how people organise, learn and adapt to enable sustainable transitions. She has co-developed and managed innovative courses, including a cross-disciplinary program that challenges students to solve ‘wicked’ problems with sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions. She has co-edited and contributed to two books on design-led innovation processes and runs courses on developing community projects.

Murray Bunton, Executive Director, Agency
Since founding his company in 2004, working out of a garage with two Ikea desks and a reasonably legal copy of Photoshop, he has been on a mission to bring social good into the digital age. With more than ten years of experience working with leading humanitarian organisations, Murray has grown a one-person design studio into a creative team of twenty spanning two countries. Murray embodies Agency’s raison d’etre: helping clients discover the right idea, actionable strategy, with clarity of design and voice to communicate well. www.agency.sc

17 May 2016