UTSpeaks: Good Living for the Long Run

Can smarter planning & innovative design slow our slide into decline?
Siemens Sustainable City Simulation

Siemens Sustainable City Simulation

11 May 2016
6:00 PM

The Great Hall

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We love the good life - great food, comfy homes, good friends, friendly neighbours, fresh air and natural marvels to delight our kids.  Yet wasteful consumerism poisons the planet, vast wealth flows to a careless few, and crowded cities harbour worsening isolation and despair. 

But are communities gaining more influence with elected leaders?  Are we finally realising better ways are needed for better lives and better times, when we can say - we have enough and it is good?

This lecture explores momentum in creative thinking across Australia to design a better future for communities. It discusses deepening interest in adopting simpler, efficient and ethical alternatives to reduce our wasteful ways, counter personal isolation and reverse bad urban development. And with a looming election, we can ponder how well we understand the path on which our politicians would have us stay; and whether or not we should stray.

Tina Perinotto, The Fifth Estate
Formerly a writer with the Australian Financial Review and Editor of Property Australia, Tina Perinotto is founder and managing editor of online news portal The Fifth Estate. Since 2009 the publication has reported breaking news about sustainability and technology innovation in the built environment, infrastructure and urban planning. It delivers essential reading for business and government professionals, development and design consultants and communities active in sustainability. Her focus on high-quality editorial and digital content is fueled by a personal commitment to seeing our urban centres become socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. The Fifth Estate holds thought leadership and interactive events to foster faster sustainable transformation in the built environment and Tina both facilitates, and speaks at, industry events.

Kerryn Wilmot, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures
A former practicing architect specialising in sustainability, Kerryn Wilmot became an ISF Research Principal in 2012 to lead its Cities and Buildings research area.  Her applied research urges practice and policy toward regenerative urban development and change.  Her recent work investigated the impact of technology and new ways of working on the urban environment; climate adaptation strategies for housing in urban heat island affected neighbourhoods and scoped sustainability targets for the new Sydney Modern Gallery at the Art Gallery of NSW.  Kerryn was formerly project leader for the pioneering, innovative 60L Green Building in Carlton, Victoria which went on to influence today’s commercial buildings and sustainable development tools. Kerryn was one of the first Green Star Accredited Professionals,  is an auditor for the Living Building Challenge and is currently training to be a Living Environments in Natural, Social, & Economic Systems facilitator.

Sara Wilkinson, UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building
An expert in developing innovative solutions for sustainability in the built environment, Sara Wilkinson worked originally as a surveyor in the UK and now conducts diverse, cross-disciplinary research projects at UTS. She is currently investigating the use of algae in new building technologies and the potential for rooftop garden creation as a therapy that could assist people who have mental illness.  Sara is also working on an urban ecology renewal investigation project and an international study on capacity-building for chartered surveyors in regard to flood damage.

10 May 2016