After da Vinci

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2 November 2015 - Ongoing

UTS Building 11, Levels 00, 01, 02 and 12

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In four displays within the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT building on Broadway, After da Vinci showcases a special collection of 22 models of machines based on da Vinci’s scientific and technical drawings.

No one person in history represents the inventive drive of humanity more than the 15th century Italian artist and engineer, Leonardo da Vinci.

Picture by Jessica Maurer Picture by Jessica Maurer

In his notebooks, he investigated virtually every field of science, art, and engineering and recorded his observations and reactions in thousands of sketches and notes.

In the early part of the 20th Century, scholarly studies of the Da Vinci Codices (folios of his surviving notebooks compiled by collectors) led to production of working models of his most ingenious machines, those devices that appear to envision a future well beyond his 15th century environment.

These models, by Italian engineer Roberto Guatelli, were a second set by him commissioned by International Business Machines (later IBM) after World War II. Now in the permanent custodianship of the University of Technology Sydney, they are presented by UTS courtesy of IBM (Australia), the collection’s owner.

Visit for more information on the models.

18 Nov 2015