Fighting Fat

Is it ever too late to take action and have a lighter, healthier life?
This public lecture tackles the facts and fictions of obesity

This public lecture tackles the facts and fictions of obesity

19 September 2013
4:00 – 6:00 AM

Aerial Function Centre

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We all know how to lose weight - eat less and run faster, right? So why is it so hard for so many to avoid putting on the kilos? 

The forces leading to obesity can be many and they can affect us in different ways. It’s a condition that starts early, yet it’s a condition we can act on and change.

This public lecture tackles the facts and fictions of obesity. It compares our current concepts of normal body size with those of the past. It explores how culture, advertising, family life, the media, fitness industry and health professionals mould the good and bad attitudes we have about food and body shape. It explains the serious risks to our health from being overweight and gives guidance on how we can become lighter and healthier.

Dr Elizabeth Denney-Wilson
Elizabeth Denney-Wilson is an expert in the prevention and management of chronic disease in primary care settings - in particular overweight and obesity. She has conducted research for more than 20 years, including the association of risk factors for heart disease, fatty liver and diabetes and weight among teenagers. Her most recent research has focused on the prevention and management of excess weight.

Associate Professor Robyn Gallagher
Robyn Gallagher is deeply involved in patient care, teaching and conducting research related to patients with cardiac and other chronic illnesses. She is a passionate advocate for  self-management and has a keen interest in psychosocial issues and women and cardiac disease. She collaborates in leading research with multidisciplinary teams while also providing presentations to the community on women’s heart health and self-management in chronic illness.


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