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UTSpeaks: The Lost Estate?

2 June 2016
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Featuring news media experts, this free public lecture confronts story-telling in the digital age & journalism’s rocky road ahead.

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UTSpeaks: Shapeshifters - Doing Social Good

18 May 2016
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This lecture and forum features speakers using radical methodologies to address diverse, complex problems that can also reap valuable social benefits.

  • Siemens Sustainable City Simulation

    UTSpeaks: Good Living for the Long Run

    11 May 2016

    This public lecture explores momentum in creative thinking across Australia to design a better future for communities by adopting simpler, efficient and ethical alternatives.

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    UTSpeaks: Fatal Injustice

    5 April 2016

    UTS with Amnesty International provide a sobering look at Indigenous incarceration and challenges facing researchers and reformers to bring change to policing, judicial culture and criminalisation of Indigenous youth.  Watch Video

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    UTSpeaks: Shapeshifters - Crafting Innovators

    19 August 2015

    Featuring exceptional speakers, this UTSpeaks public lecture explores the cultivation of future innovators, those embodying possibility, creativity, invention, experimentation, refinement and reinvention. Register